Dual Language Program

Dual Language Program

The mission of the Dual Language Program in the Mount Vernon School District is to encourage achievement of academic excellence, biliteracy and social and personal success. 

High Academic Achievement

  • Students will achieve proficiency in academic subjects, meeting or exceeding state and district standards

Biliteracy & Bilingualism

  • Students will become comfortable and fluent in communicating in Spanish and English. 

  • Students will develop high levels of proficiency in the student's first and second languages.

Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • Students will cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and prepare for a multicultural world.

Mount Vernon currently has two schools offering dual language programs, serving students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Fifty percent of instruction is taught in Spanish and fifty percent in English.


  • Literacy

  • Writing

  • Science



  • Literacy

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Social Studies


Approximately fifty percent of students are Native/Bilingual Spanish speakers and the other fifty percent are Native/Bilingual English speakers. Students are taught based on the biliteracy instructional framework. Students master standards and content in one language and are given the opportunity to apply and practice content in the other language.