Professional Development Calendar

Welcome to the MVSD Teaching & Learning Professional Development Calendar

There are a variety of professional development opportunities for employees at the Mount Vernon School District.

With many of our trainings becoming self-paced, or asynchronous, please check the District's HRM+ PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PORTAL for workshops, trainings, and events that will be happening throughout the year.

In order to attend a Professional Development Course, you must have an active HRM+ account and be registered for the course prior to the course's start date.

If you have any questions, please contact HOLLY CARTER.

Entering Principal Directed and Teacher Directed Hours in Skyward

There two ways of making sure that you receive the Principal or Teacher Directed Hours earned.

  1. All HRM+ courses have the option of being saved as Principal Directed.  If the requester of the course checks the session(s) as being "Principal Directed", all attendees of that course will receive PD hours.

  2. If, however, the requester does not mark the Principal Directed Hours option, then it is the responsibility of the attendee to input the Principal Directed or Teacher Directed Hours into Skyward.  Please click the following instructional video on ENTERING PRINCIPAL & TEACHER DIRECTED HOURS

Facilitators, please remember to have your Principal sign the attendance sheets that are marked Principal Directed.  Once the sheet is signed, please send a copy to TRACY TESARIK and to HOLLY CARTER.

2021-22 Professional Development Menu

We are working to maintain an easy to browse list of synchronous and asynchronous offerings. To access those documents, please follow the links below.

2021-22 Synchronous PD Calendar

2021-22 Asynchronous PD Calendar

It is possible that some offerings for small or specific groups might not be on the calendars linked above. Please visit HRM+ for a full list of all current professional development offerings.