HRM+ Support

Course Registration

On this screen, you can perform multiple functions to search for courses as well as register for courses.  You may see only one or a limited number of courses displayed. Over time when more courses are available, you will want to use the filters to locate a specific course so you can register for that activity.

Course Filters: Use any of the following options to search for course information:

  1. Calendar: You can click on a single date, or click and drag for a series of dates. This will filter the course data to include only courses with a START DATE that match the date or dates you have selected.
  2. Categories: Select an item from the drop-down box. As an example, if you are looking for courses for Special Education, click the Special Education category.
  3. Criteria: Click and select any of the Criteria Search options
    1. Instructor
    2. Intended Audience
    3. Grade Level (the course is intended for persons working at this grade level)
    4. Content Focus
    5. Pro-Teach
    6. Para Competencies
  4. ID, Title, Location or Credit Type: To filter by these items, enter either the Course ID number, the Course Title, or Location you are searching for. Note that you can click the key icon to change your filter (e.g. begins with, contains).

Please Note: As soon as you select a filter, the system will refresh the displayed course information. You may also click the orange CLEAR SEARCH button to clear all filters.


My Records

My Courses

This screen displays the courses for which you have registered and allows you to complete these functions:

  •  Click to view detailed session information for the course. 
  •  Click to view your registration information (credit and payment types).  You may update these up to the start date of the course. After that, you would need to email for assistance.
  •   Click to view a courses' information report. This report will include links to the course location. If the instructor has uploaded materials for you to reference for the course, those links will also be available in this report.

In the EVAL (or Evaluation) column, no icon to complete the evaluation will appear until after the last date of the course. After that you will see one of three (3) icons:

  •  Click to complete your evaluation. Remember this must be done within 14 days after the end date of the course or you will not be eligible for clock hours.
  •  Indicates your evaluation for this course has been completed.
  •  Indicates you missed the due date for your evaluation. You will not be eligible for clock hours for this course.

Cancel a Course 
           Click to cancel your registration. You can cancel up to the start date of the course.

Course Status (Status column)

  •   Indicates you are enrolled in the course.
  •   Indicates you are on the Wait List. Do not attend unless you receive confirmation that you have been removed from the Wait List and are enrolled. 
  •  Indicates you have canceled your registration for this course. You may return to Course Registration and register for the course again if it is still available for registration.

Attendance Verified (AV Column)

  • C = Complete
  • NV = Not Verified
  • NS = No Show


You can access your Clock Hour transcript for MVSD Professional Development courses through this tab. 

Select Report: From the drop-down menu select one of two Clock Hour options:

  • Mount Vernon Professional Development Transcript- This report is encouraged because of its simplicity for keeping and entering your records. This report culminates all the courses you have participated in on one report and totals the clock hours earned. 
  • Mount Vernon Individual Course Clock Hour Report- When using this report you will need the course ID number for each course you attended.

By default, all reports open as a new window in your browser. As a reminder, if nothing happens, check your browser for a pop-up blocker.